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June 2018

It seems that the Spring weather has put us into trying to decide to wear winter coats or raincoats! But as we look around our yards and gardens and know the abundance will be growing and flowering..then Spring takes on a whole different excitement! Soon, Summer months will be on us full force..Let the growing begin!

May was Celiac Disease Awareness Month. I are honored to have been featured on the Gluten Intolerance Group of North America's website, you can read the story HERE.

As I mentioned last month, GFME was so excited to be able to participate in the Staten Island Taste Off Competition. There were so many wonderful dishes presented! Although I did not capture the win, it was an honor to have participated and so much fun! I are looking forward to next year!

It is important for GFME to continue to explore the new recipes and help make people more and more aware of celiac disease. As I continue venturing into the avenue of what is healthy living, I am making a keen awareness beyond the people who touch my life. Changing the culture of people’s thinking is always a work in progress which is so wonderful to be an active participant in!

On Saturday, May 19, I had a wonderful experience attending the Greater Philadelphia Gluten Free Expo! Together with thousands of people, I was able to spend a lot of time talking with other people who are like-minded. I tried extraordinary products from food to beauty products! The generosity of the participants was amazing! The food products that they created were unbelievably delicious! If you get the opportunity to attend one of these Expos, I would highly recommend it. Remember, as you broaden and understand, you teach others. Knowledge is power!


May always brings us to remembering the brave souls gone before us with honor and awe of what they sacrificed for our freedom. It is standing with the ones who currently sacrifice much to protect our rights and freedoms as a country and as a people. Lest we too soon forget or contemplate on what that truly means, Gluten Free Made Easy will stand alongside our Armed Forces, giving them the dignity and respect that the past and present so deserve. Take some moments to salute them for all they are committed to and value through their service to all Americans!

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