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​I grew up on the west coast of the US, among a family of wonderful cooks, including my mom, who was truly inspiring with her holiday baking marathons and regular family dinners. She sparked my interest in the kitchen.


I moved to New York City where I dabbled in many different industries, but one thing was always certain: that I always loved cooking, baking and entertaining. This skill has gradually become more refined and adventurous and has now been projected into Gluten-Free Made Easy.

In 2015, I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease, which changed everything I knew about cooking and baking. It was quite devastating in the beginning, but after a lot of experimentation and motivation from my husband and family members, I have gone on to win awards for my gluten-free recipes, and I know more good things are on the way! I do think that being gluten-free has fostered a more potent awareness of health in my family.

Cooking is chemistry! If you think about it, anyone who can follow instructions can be a successful cook. I have a serious passion for anything related to the science of cooking. I hope I can carry on this tradition to my own children.


On this blog you will find gluten-free, pescatarian recipes with naturopathic information as well of some of my ancestors’ tasty vintage treats!

What better way to show your love for friends and family by using your time and energy to create healthful, delicious works of art?

Gluten-Free Cook
Vintage Cook
Great-Grandma Ellen Working in the Kitchen
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